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Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 28 May, 2014
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Real time speech translation by Skype, SEO mistakes and Frontback

This week Microsoft has unveiled a "real-time" language translation feature for Skype. Chief executive Satya Nadella said they would launch a test version of the service, named "Skype Translator" to Windows 8 later this year. According to Techcrunch, yesterday at at the first annual CODE Conference Skype demoed translated speech from (Microsoft head of Skype) Lync Gurdeep Singh Pall's English into text transcription on a colleague's screen in German, as well as voice in German - sounds brilliant. 

Mr Nadella also said:

"It is going to make sure you can communicate with anybody without language barriers" 

We are currently unaware whether the service will be offered for free to it’s 300 million users or if they will have to pay a fee.

Matt Cutts discussed the Panda update on Twitter with a user.


There is an ongoing poll over at Search Engine Roundtable - so head over there to tell them how Google Panada 4.0 has impacted your site - we’re looking forward to the results.

An SEO article this week caught my attention is one by Eric Enge, he has previously written "A Hummingbird isn't just for Christmas, it's for life" - this time he’s talking about the "7 most common SEO mistakes" over at Forbes. Going into detail with points that are sometimes overlooked. Here’s a snippet of his summary and what you should remember.

App of the week is for those selfie lovers out there -  welcome Frontback (Android version)As you can tell by the name, this app lets you take two pictures at once using both the front and rear cameras. The photo can either be clicked as a single snapshot or two separate images and the cool thing is, you can write captions, add locations on the picture then share It to your Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr account. It’s pretty awesome, especially if you want to capture your expression at an incredible location - definitely one for the world travellers. 

An android reviewer says:

"Fun and creative twist on the selfie! Now that "selfie" is a word and a thing, what do we do with it? Frontback is such a fun app! People have snapped some great photos with it. Me? I use it to show the thing that is causing my current mood. Try it out, it's loads of fun!"


See you next week!


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