Stuff we like 17 September 2014

Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 17 Sep, 2014
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Is Facebook the new Snapchat? Concepts for the Apple Watch and app of the week goes to...

Facebook have been following Snapchat by experimenting with vanishing posts. They’ve began testing a feature that allows users to schedule the automatic deletion of their posts.

Facebook said that the option offers expiration settings ranging from one hour to seven days and was a "small pilot" for their iOS app.

The BBC have said  

“The expiration option was introduced after Facebook users expressed an interest in automatically deleting posts which are only relevant for a limited amount of time. Posts for which an expiration time is chosen cannot be subsequently shared by other users.”

At the moment the option is only available to New Zealand users. Let us know what you think of their wannabe Snapchat feature.

Last week it was all about the Apple Watch, and since then, designers have already been creating concepts for apps even though the device is yet to be released. The people over at Ultralinx have put together 15 of the latest ideas. I’m definitely a fan of the Sellf app. Take a look and let us know whether you’d be up for using one of them with your Apple watch!

Speaking of Apple, Danny Sullivan posted about both Apple and Google working together. Those looking for more information about Apple's latest devices will find special boxes where Google has hand-compiled information.

So, if you search on Google for “iPhone 6″ or “Apple Watch,” you’ll find new information boxes about each product that Google created with the help of Apple. Teamwork pays off! 

Moving on to our app of the week - it goes to Acorns. Unfortunately this is US only at the moment. The app wants to help you get rich by micro-investing your spare change. It connects up with your credit or debit card and links in with any purchase you make. It then automatically rounds up the change from every purchase to add to your investment portfolio. Users also have the option to take money out of their investment portfolio whenever they need it. As Acorns is connected to your bank account, it has the ability to look for cash rebates from banks and can also be integrated with loyalty programs to invest the value from those accounts. Pretty impressive don’t you think?

Here’s the demo:

See you next week! 

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