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Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 10 Sep, 2014
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iPhone 6, Apple Watch, Twitter shopping, and an automated journal

It’s that time again where we’ve started to receive texts about pre-ordering the new iPhone. That’s right, Apple have now unveiled larger iPhone 6 handsets. 

Apple’s Tim Cook described the iPhone 6 as “the beautiful phone ever made”  

Both iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus have glass curves almost around the edge of the device. The camera now does better slo-mo. But, the biggest change is the size of the iPhone 6—it measures 4.7 inches diagonally and its older brother the iPhone 6 Plus, measures 5.5 inches diagonally. If you're not a fan you can still buy the iPhone 5S if you prefer the classic size.

If you didn’t catch the keynote presentation, then here’s a snippet: 

Of course, the exciting news didn’t stop there. Apple presented their much anticipated smartwatch - the "Apple Watch". The first new product line since the first iPad, and the first since the death of its co-founder, Steve Jobs. The device communicates with your iPhone, runs apps and is a health and fitness tracker.

Let us know your thoughts and whether you’ll be purchasing one of these latest additions!

Moving on to Twitter, on Monday they announced that 

“Today we are beginning to test a new way for you to discover and buy products on Twitter. For a small percentage of U.S. users (that will grow over time), some Tweets from our test partners will feature a “Buy” button, letting you buy directly from the Tweet.”

It’s a beginning to a hopefully easy and convenient shopping experience for mobile users. 

Their demonstration shows how an entire purchase can be completed in just a few clicks. Once you’ve selected the “Buy” button you’ll then receive additional product details and instructed to enter billing and shipping details. Once you’ve confirmed your order information is then sent to the merchant. Then you just need to wait for your delivery - easy!

Check out their  -  “A new way to make a purchase" YouTube video.

And if you want a list of all of the artists, charities and brands that will be tested first, you can find them right here.

App of the week goes to Rove (iOS verison) 

Rove is pitched as an “automated journal” tracking your daily movements, then adds in your photos for a record of what you’ve been up to. So if you’re a keen photo snapper then this will certainly display your memories in an elegant way.

Here’s what an Android reviewer had to say:

"Love the UI - Great app with a simple, elegant UI. Love the way it organizes info."

See you all next week!

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