New Idea ads and paid partnerships from Pinterest

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 28 Jun, 2022
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Pinterest continues to develop advertising offerings with these new features.

Pinterest advertising.

Image source: Unsplash

Pinterest has unveiled a new ads feature called Idea ads, which it describes as an immersive, multi-page format designed for advertisers to showcase ideas in action.  When shoppers click on the ad they’re directed to the brand website where they can view more information about the item.  

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Pinterest said Idea ads were a highly effective format, showing greater brand awareness and recall.

“In fact, campaigns that feature Idea ads see 56% higher brand awareness and 59% higher brand recall vs. those that don’t.1 That’s because Idea ads take your customer from inspiration to realization with simple, step-by-step guides using imagery and video.”

Paid partnerships

The new paid partnership tool announced at the same time allows businesses to partner with Pinterest creators. This gives the opportunity to reach a wider audience through collaboration with Pinterest’s creator community.

Creators can tag a brand they have a partnership with in an Idea Pin. When the pin is published,  the paid partnership label automatically appears and the brand then receives an email notification. They can then approve or decline the tag. If approved, the brand’s name is added with the paid partnership label. If declined, the paid partnership label is removed from the Idea pin.  

Pinterest said early users saw 38% higher brand awareness and 37% higher Pin awareness.

The new formats and tools are now available in over 30 countries.

Time to take another look at Pinterest?

Pinterest has been busy launching new features over the recent period. Idea ads follow on from Idea Pins, announced in March last year, and which Pinterest is continuing to make more shoppable. 

Pinterest may be slightly overshadowed by some of the other social media players, but if it’s a good fit for your niche it may be time to take another look at the platform.

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