Linkedin rolls out new newsletter tools

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 15 Jun, 2024
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New features include an AI designer for covers, and a more interactive experience for readers with easier sharing.

LinkedIn newsletter.

Image: Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

LinkedIn has announced a number of new features and upgrades for users publishing newsletters on the platform.

There are now over 184K newsletters published on LinkedIn. The platform reports a 59% increase in the numbers publishing newsletter articles and a 47% increase in engagement on newsletters over the past year.

LinkedIn is now upgrading newsletter tools and design for a more interactive experience.

Here’s what’s new.

Comments alongside article

A new panel to the right of the article will show comments, allowing readers to view and join in discussions on the subject more easily.

LinkedIn comments section.

Microsoft Designer for cover images

Create your own cover image using Microsoft’s AI-powered graphic designer. It’s integrated into the newsletter publisher with custom templates, sizes and suggestions to help you create appealing cover designs.

Microsoft AI designer for covers.

Improved notifications for subscribers

Subscribers will receive email and in-app notifications when you publish a new newsletter. LinkedIn will also prompt followers to subscribe to your newsletter to help drive readership.

Embed LinkedIn profile and page links in article

You can now embed LinkedIn member profiles and pages directly into your newsletter articles. This makes it easy for readers to click straight through to individuals or companies you reference.

Staging links

This feature allows you to view an article’s URL before you publish, for better cross-platform sharing of your content. It’s being rolled out in the next few weeks.

LinkedIn newsletters are available to all members, and can serve as a valuable tool for content publishing on the platform. It’s worth considering if you want to expand your audience and highlight your knowledge within your industry. In addition, it can also provide the opportunity for interaction and meaningful discussions with and among your audience.

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