Instagram launches reminder ads, adds new features for Reels

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 26 Apr, 2023
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The platform is also testing ads in search results, which it plans to roll out in the coming months.


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Instagram has launched several new features to help brands and businesses increase visibility and reach.

Reminder ads

A new notification feature is designed for businesses to announce and remind people of future events they might be interested in.

People who see your post can opt in to reminders about the event by tapping on the bell icon.  They will then receive three notifications about the event: one day before, 15 minutes before, and at the time of the event. People will see the event in their local time.

Reminder ads.

Image source: Instagram
To set up a post with a reminder
    •    Create a new Instagram Feed post.
    •    Under New post, tap Add reminder
    •    IInput your event title and start time.
    •    Finish creating your post and tap Share.

For more details see Instgram's help page on reminders.

Ads in Search results

Instagram is also starting to test ads in search results. Ads will appear in the feed people can scroll when they tap into a post from search results, and will be related to their searches. Instagram plans to launch the feature globally in the coming months.

New Reels features

Trending on Reels

A new feature enables users to see the top trending audio and hashtags on Reels.  Creators will be able to tap into and discover fresh, trending content which can shape and inform their own output.



Instagram gifts, a way for creators to earn money from their audience, are being expanded in the coming weeks to further countries including Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK.

New insights on Reels

Two new metrics, total watch time and average watch time, have been added to Reels insights.

Total watch time is the total amount of time your reel was played, including any time spent replaying the reel.

Average watch time is the average amount of time spent playing your reel, calculated by dividing watch time by the number of total plays.

It’s a handy feature to help creators better assess how their content is performing, and where improvements might be made.

Read more in Meta’s news announcement.

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