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Posted by Mal Darwen on 18 Jun, 2014
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Find out about Wordtracker's upgraded tool and learn how to easily migrate to the new version

"I'm very much  digging this new UI and the functionality. Really like it"

Paul MacMartin, long-term Wordtracker subscriber

We’ve upgraded our Keyword Tool, which we’re happy to say is the fastest, best-looking data-giving machine we’ve ever produced. We’ve concentrated on keyword research and management, as that’s what we do best, and along with the data source that we started working with last July we’re now able to give millions more keywords with billions more searches from across the globe.

If you’re already using the keyword tool, then this next bit is for you, to describe the upgrade process (it’s really easy), then I’ll go on to let you know what’s new, and what’s the same. If you’re not using the tool, do read on, there are some really helpful features in there that I think you’ll find useful, whether you’re new to keyword research or whether you’re deeply experienced.

Upgrading your account

The upgrade process for the new version of the Keyword Tool is now in full swing. If you’ve already migrated your account then you’ll already know just how easy it is. If you’ve been putting it off or are thinking - “what migration?” then read on!

We’ve written before about how we have upgraded the Keyword Research tool, how there is more data than ever that can be accessed more quickly and easily. What we haven’t mentioned until now is just how easy it is to upgrade. All you need to do is log in!

That’s right, as long as you are using original.wordtracker.com you can simply log in to your account and you will see this screen:

If you have lists older than July 2013 these won’t follow you when you upgrade, as these are compiled from a different data source. Don’t worry though, just hit “Request” and we'll export all of those lists and email them to you.  Otherwise you just hit ‘Let’s go!” and you will be asked to verify your password:

Enter your password and hit “Confirm” and that’s it. All your lists and projects created since July 2013 will have been migrated. It takes about twenty seconds, and you’ll then see the upgraded interface. If you’ve had saved work in the old tool, just click on ‘My lists or ‘My projects’ at the top of the page, and you’ll see some handy links there for you:


What’s new?

The big things that are new are the look and feel of the tool, and the fact that it returns data at about twice the speed as the older system.

Apart from the styling, the interface should be pretty familiar to anyone using the tool - and if you’re new to Wordtracker, it shouldn’t take long to get to a point where you’re mining keywords quickly and easily. Here’s the main interface:

…and here’s the Related Keywords tool, over to the left. It’s a great tool for getting ideas if you’re stuck for a starting point for your main research.

There’s a Quick Start Guide and an introduction video which will show you how to actually use the tool, but I want to tell you how we’ve improved the system.

Once you’ve hit the search button, you’ll see your keywords returned (up to 10,000 of them, depending on your subscription). Customers have told us in the past that sorting all of those keywords can be a real chore, so we’ve added in filters to make this easier:



Most of these are pretty self-explanatory - Volume, Competition, IAAT and KEI filters allow you to choose the upper and lower ranges for the keywords you want to see. When you hit ‘apply’ on the filters, you’ll see the list update immediately.

The ‘include keyword’ and ‘exclude keyword’ filters are helpful for finding micro-niches in your lists; those little clusters of keywords that can give you massive insight into your potential customers’ searches. Enter a word (or even part of a word), and again, when you apply, the update is instant.

Keyword Questions is a feature that we’ve been wanting to bring you for a long time. This unassuming little filter has the power to bring you content ideas that you might never have thought of in a hundred brainstorming sessions. Apply this, and any questions that are in the list will be brought before you - it’s an open invitation to create content to answer those questions and build your relationships with those people.


What’s not changed?

There are many features that we wanted to keep (in some cases in an improved form), but there’s nothing at original.wordtracker.com that you can’t do in the new tool. Saving lists is still easy, and you can still save a list of keywords directly from a result set without even having to do a search on the page.

Keeping keywords organized in projects and lists is also still very easy (easier, in fact!) so that you can manage the work you do in a straightforward way. You can even move keywords between lists inside a project, so you can save a huge set of results and then go through them all later at your leisure - the filters are available in saved lists as well as on the search page, so it’s even easier to come back to your work when you’re ready to.

Account management is simple - and if you find that you’ve signed up to a subscription plan that doesn’t give you quite the amount of data you want, it’s easy and quick to upgrade in the Account section, which is easy to find:


If you already have an older account, upgrade now to get all of the benefits. If you’ve never tried Wordtracker, take a 7 day risk free trial now - just hit the button below:



Let us know what you think of Wordtracker’s upgrade - we’re really proud of it. There are over 500 people already using the new version, and the feedback so far has been really positive. Try it for yourself, and let us know what you think.


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