New Google Analytics feature detects gradual data trend changes

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 19 Feb, 2024
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Trend detection gives insights into subtle shifts over time, helping spot potential issues and opportunities earlier.

Trends detection.

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Google has launched a new trend change detection feature in Analytics 4.

Like GA4’s existing anomaly detection feature, it detects changes in data. However, whileanomaly detection highlights sudden dips or spikes in data, trend detection will surface subtler, more gradual and long-lasting shifts which unfold over a longer period of time.

The new feature will be helpful in identifying gradual, meaningful changes in your data over an extended period.

This gives users a deeper insight into longer term data changes, making it a useful tool to identify issues or opportunities.

You can see trend change data in an Insight card in the Insights and Recommendations on the GA4 home page. It’s also available in Reports snapshot and Advertising snapshot, and in the Insights hub.

Here’s Google’s screenshot of the trend change Insight card:

GA4 trend detection.

When Google identifies a change in the direction of time-series for a metric, it overlays a circle on the date the change occurred. Hover over the circle to see details, including the previous and current rates of change, and when the shift happened.

See Google’s help page for more details on the trend change detection feature in GA4.


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