Google Page Experience Update coming to desktop in 2022

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 12 Nov, 2021
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The rollout will start in February 2022 and builds on the Page Experience update rolled out on mobile earlier this year.

Google Page Experience.

Google has given details of its timeline for bringing the Page Experience ranking update to desktop in 2022. The rollout will start in February, and be completed by the end of March.

The same Page Experience ranking signals which have already been rolled out for mobile will apply for desktop ranking - with the exception of mobile friendliness.

“This means the same three Core Web Vitals metrics: LCP, FID, and CLS, and their associated thresholds will apply for desktop ranking. Other aspects of page experience signals, such as HTTPS security and absence of intrusive interstitials, will remain the same as well.”

Desktop factors.

Source: Google

A new Search Console report will be launched before the rollout, to help Webmasters understand their desktop pages’ performance as relates to page experience.

We know the rollout would also come to desktop, but now we have firm dates for when it will happen. This gives you time to check your desktop pages to make sure they are performing as well as possible against the new Page Experience ranking signals.

See our blog post on Core Web Vitals and how to tacke these for your site, and Google's FAQ on the Core Web Vitals and Page Experience.

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