Google Optimize to close in September this year

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 24 Jan, 2023
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All active A/B testing and personalizations in Optimize will end on 30 Sep.

Google Optimize.

Image: RitaE from Pixabay

Google has announced that Optimize and Optimize 360 will close on 30 September 2023.

Optimize has been a much loved and used freemium tool for A/B testing and personalization over the years.

Experiments and personalizations can continue to be run on Optimize until 30 September, when they will close. Users are encouraged to download their personal data from the Optimize interface before the sunset date.

The announcement was met with disappointment by users, with many voicing their opinion on Twitter:

Optimize tweet.

Source: Twitter

Google says Optimize lacks many features and services which users request and need. So, they are investing in more effective solutions which will be available on Google Analytics 4.

“We remain committed to enabling businesses of all sizes to improve your user experiences and are investing in A/B testing in Google Analytics 4. We are focused on bringing the most effective solutions and integrations to our customers, especially as we look toward the future with Google Analytics 4.”

Many users are finding migrating to Google Analytics 4 challenging. The closure of Optimize is another reason to get to grips with the switch and move across.

The 1 July 2023 deadline, when all standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits, is also fast approaching.  Google has extensive resources to help with the switching process, under essential migration steps and detailed help.

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