Google Analytics 4 adds new metrics

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 17 Jul, 2022
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Bounce rate, conversion rate and UTM parameters now available.

GA4 updates.

Google’s latest update to GA4 now sees bounce rate, conversion rates and UTM parameters available across a number of surfaces including Explorations, Segments, Audiences, Reports, and the Google Analytics Data API.

Bounce rate

Google defines bounce rate as the percentage of sessions that were not engaged sessions in a specified time period. The metric is available in Explorations and Reporting Customization.

The bounce rate in GA4 is based on a different calculation from that used in Universal Analytics. You can see details in Google’s help document.

Conversion rate

Two new metrics, user conversion rate and session conversion rate, provide data for any conversion event:

  • User conversion rate is the percentage of users who triggered any conversion event.
  • Session conversion rate is the percentage of sessions in which any conversion event was triggered.

UTM term and UTM ad content

The utm_content and utm_term parameter values are now available in Explorations, Reporting, and the Audience Builder, and both have user and session scope dimensions.

For the utm_content parameter you’ll be able to see first user manual ad content, and session manual ad content. For the utm_term parameter, you can see first user manual term and session manual term.  

Google is continuing to work on GA4 ahead of the scheduled discontinuation of Universal Analytics in July 2023. For help on switching to GA4 see Google’s migration guide.

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