App Store optimization: how to get your app discovered

Posted by Matthew Zajechowski on 9 Feb, 2016
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App optimization is big news and big business – with an average revenue of $4000 on the App Store to be made per single app, not to mention the benefits of being a constant presence in the hands, pockets and bags of your customers, competition for downloads is fierce.

From weather to clothing, food to dry cleaning, there’s an app for almost everything – there are currently more than 1.6 million apps on Google Play, and 1.5 million more on the iOS App Store. With such fierce competition, it can be hard to make sure yours is among the billions of downloads made by consumers each year. 

Generating downloads not only offers an ROI on the initial cost of app development, it also generates a constant connection between your brand and your market. So how do you get your app discovered? 

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