Stuff we like 24 October 2013

Posted by Hal MacDermot on 22 Oct, 2013
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Our weekly round-up. Find out what we've been enjoying here at the Wordtracker office, including Google Adwords, QCraft, Ghost and more.

Another tweak to Adwords in the pipeline. Google will introduce improvements to Adwords location targeting for international searches beginning 11 November. Advertisers will then be able to display across countries, and well as within countries. In Google’s words, this means: “let’s say you own a hotel, and you are currently targeting Paris with the keyword “Paris hotels.” Previously, only people searching on or from France could see your ad. Now, your ads will be eligible to show to people searching for “Paris hotels” from anywhere in the world.” If you do choose this option, it may well be wise to exclude certain geographic regions to help protect your budget.

Meanwhile this week, in the city that never sleeps, large groups of lucky SEOs are enjoying PUBCON LAS VEGAS, 2013, an important gathering of search and social media warriors. They are meeting to talk about everything from local search to semantic markup. For those of us who can’t make it to Vegas, there’s a lively conference blog to follow. What happens in Vegas may not stay in Vegas.

Love to play Minecraft? Want to know more about quantum physics but having trouble with (Schrödinger’s) Cat? What you need to do is to start playing QCraft the Minecraft mod that incorporates the principles of quantum physics into the wonderful world of Minecraft. Fancy altering reality with your mighty gaze of power (quantum principle of observer dependence)? You know you do.

Finally, please welcome what may become the early-adopters blog of choice Ghost. Now released to the public, Ghost is open-source under an MIT license, financed by 6000 Kickstarter backers, built on Javascript and promises to focus on only one thing, Publishing. Ghost is the brainchild of John O’Nolan, ex-deputy-head of the Wordpress UI team. In fact, if you want to get away from the complexities of content management, and micro-blogs are too micro for you, then maybe it’s time to explore Ghost. Just in time for Halloween.

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