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Posted by Edith MacLeod on 8 Mar, 2022
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Searches for new experiences on the rise, but some pandemic trends continue to stick.

Search trends.

Google has published a blog post comparing year on year consumer search trends as we moved into 2022.  

The data shows people are looking for things to do outside the home, searching for new experiences and vacation trips. However, some of the pandemic and lockdown related searches continue to stick.

It also reveals that consumers have higher expectations such as being able to shop late at night, or take their pet to a restaurant.

It’s useful information for businesses who need to keep up with changing trends and expectations in order to shape their offering accordingly.

The data examined is Google, Global English, and covers the periods: 23 Nov 2021–21 Jan 2022 vs. 23 Nov 2020–21 Jan 2021.

Google details trends in four categories:

  • Rising expectations
  • Reopening continued
  • Seasonal things to do
  • Sticky trends

Rising customer expectations

Google’s data highlights increased expectations regarding customer services and opportunities. People want things quicker, and want to be able to go shopping or access customer service at a wider range of times, making it more convenient.

There were rising searches globally for:

  • Late night shopping - up 100% year on year
  • 24 7 customer service - up 500% year on year
  • dog friendly restaurants - up 100% year on year
  • next day flower delivery - up 800% year on year

People out and about more

People are looking for new, unique experiences and planning trips. Google's data shows rising searches globally for:

  • cinema near me - up 300% year on year
  • seating chart - up 600% year on year
  • unique things to do - up 100% year on year
  • spring break - up 100% year on year
  • winter vacation in - up 800% year on year

Pandemic trends which are sticking

Google says many pandemic related trends continue to stick, however, with searches globally rising for:

  • best movies to stream right now - up 300% year on year
  • makeup game - up 700% year on year

Google also gives details of some of the top searches in each category.  For example, the top searches for “best movies to stream right now" include:

  • best movies to stream right now
  • best movies to stream right now 2022
  • best movies to stream right now free

For more details, see Google’s blog post.

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