Google adds review snippets reports to Search Console

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 11 Feb, 2020
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The new reports make it easier to monitor performance and fix issues.

Review reports.

Google has announced the addition of new reports and support for review snippets in Search Console. These will help webmasters to monitor performance, and identify and fix issues. There’s also new support for review snippets on the rich results testing tool.

Enhancement Report

This report is available for sites which have implemented reviews or ratings structured data. The report will show you errors, warnings, and valid pages for markup implemented on your site.

If you fix an issue, you can use the report to validate it, triggering a process where Google recrawls your affected pages.  Google says the report covers all the content types currently supported as review snippets.

Enhancement report.

Image source: Google

Performance Report

Using the new review snippet search appearance filter you can monitor the performance of reviews or rating marked-up pages on Google Search and Discover. You can check impressions, clicks and CTR results, and filter by elements such as query, page, country and device to see where traffic is coming from.

Performance report.

Image source: Google

Review snippet in Rich Results Test

Google has added support for review snippets in the rich results testing tool. You’ll be able to test your snippet or page here so you can debug your markup code and fix any errors.

Rich results testing tool.

Image source: Google

Reviews are popular and well used as they can provide useful information in the search for a product or service.  Google recently tightened up on rich review results to crack down on false or misleading entries. Large numbers of websites carry reviews and these new reports will make it easier assess performance and issues.

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