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Posted by Wordtracker on 25 Feb, 2014
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AdStage is the all-in-one advertising platform that will bring together all of your campaigns into a single, easy-to-manage interface, giving you complete control over your PPC campaigns. Sign up for this campaign management tool now and you'll find your favorite Keyword Tool there as well.

Exciting news ahead.

AdStage is an all-in-one advertising platform that brings together your campaigns from Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads into a single, easy-to-manage interface that gives you complete control over your PPC campaigns - and it just got better.

Wordtracker are now partnering up with AdStage. If you’re unfamiliar with AdStage, here’s a rundown of who they are and why you should be using them. 


They are part of the new breed of advertising; not a sales organization or an agency, but a technology and design company. Like Wordtracker, they build advanced tools which can help businesses of all sizes. If you’ve been struggling with your multi-tasking and are generally finding the procedure of handling your advertising platforms a bit messy, then it’s time to welcome AdStage. The AdStage platform is a dashboard that brings together usability, smart design and intelligence technology to help businesses make sense of their ad data.

No more jumping between multiple interfaces

Get ready for AdStage to bring all of your PPC campaigns together into a single dashboard.

It’s no secret that our keyword tool provides a powerful way to find relevant, high-performing keywords for PPC include - but building and updating campaigns in Google & Bing can be time-consuming when you have to juggle and switch between multiple interfaces. That’s why we’ve partnered up with AdStage to make using Wordtracker for PPC even easier.

Sign up for AdStage

AdStage is an all-in-one advertising platform that lets you build, manage and optimize search, social, mobile and display campaigns from a single interface. We’re pleased to announce that Wordtracker is now available as an app on the AdStage platform allowing you to drop your keyword lists directly into your PPC campaigns.

How to Use AdStage & Wordtracker Together

  1. Sign Up - Sign up and get 30 days free (with no credit card required).

  2. Link Your Accounts - Link each of your ad network accounts: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads & LinkedIn Ads.

  3. AdStage will then import your campaigns into a unified dashboard to let you build, manage and optimize them from a single interface.

  4. Build Your Keyword Lists - Where keywords are needed (which is pretty much every time you create or adjust a campaign), you’ll be able to bring up Wordtracker easily, to generate or access a keyword list. You no longer need to juggle between multiple interfaces; Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Wordtracker and more will be available in a single place right when you need them!

Make your campaign management ten times easier by signing up for AdStage. If you’re still not clear on how their app can work for you there’s a feature tour which outlines how they handle your campaign creation, optimization, reporting, and even your conversion tracking.

There's huge demand for this tool - but you can get your sign-up fast tracked - just drop a line to when you've signed up (quoting 'Wordtracker'), and they'll make sure you get your invite ahead of the crowd.

Let us know how you get on with using our Keyword Tool app within the AdStage dashboard.

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