Microsoft’s new Multi-platform feature for ads

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 13 Sep, 2022
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Run ads on Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Instagram through one single interface.

Microsoft multi-platform.

Microsoft last week announced the launch of their newly revamped Smart Campaigns. It includes a new Multi-platform feature, which allows advertisers to create ads across multiple advertising and social media platforms using one interface. 


The new Multi-platform feature is designed to ease the burden of creating and managing ads across many different platforms, which is a task most businesses face  Using one sole interface, you can create ads across multiple platforms.

  • Run search ads. Run search ad campaigns on Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads.
  • Run social ads. Run social ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Microsoft’s AI will automatically optimize your budget across all platforms.

Multi-platform also lets you manage your social media output from a single interface, publishing content across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Interact with customers. Publish content, like, and reply to comments on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Other features include:

  • View analytics
  • Create campaigns quickly
  • Automate ad content
  • Optimize your ROI with AI
  • AI-powered campaign management
  • Connect your ads with relevant searches
  • Audience targeting

You can see full details of all the Multi-platform features on Microsoft’s Help page.

There’s no additional cost for the Multi-platform tools, you only pay for your ad spend.

For a small business, running ad campaigns across multiple platform is hard work. Having a single interface to do this makes the process more efficient and could potentially be a big time saver. It may also allow you to extend your advertising reach to further platforms where you don't yet have a presence.

Microsoft's announcement says the new Smart Campaigns experience including Multi-platform is launching in the US. Existing advertisers will be given the opportunity to migrate over the coming months, but there’s a waitlist you can sign up to for early access.

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