Microsoft Advertising announces Similar Audiences rollout in US

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 8 Jun, 2021
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Google Merchant Center store import included in series of product updates for June.

Microsoft Advertising updates.

Microsoft Advertising has announced a slew of updates for June, including Similar Audiences, the expansion of its Audience Network to France and Germany, and enhanced Shopping Campaign importing.

Similar Audiences

Similar Audiences, which works by looking for searchers with similar interests to those on your Remarketing lists, is being rolled out in the US. Users have to have to have at least one Remarketing list with at least 300 users in order to use the feature. Microsoft Advertising will generate a Similar Audience once it has enough signals to predict similar user behaviours. Users are reevaluated daily to make sure there’s no overlap with the original Remarketing list.

Users will be able to import similar audiences from Google Ads, as well as shared remarketing lists.

Shopping Campaign imports

Microsoft is allowing advertisers to import their Google Merchant Center store, along with their Shopping Campaigns. The feature is currently in beta and you should contact your Microsoft Ads account manager or support if you’d like to participate.

Easier imports from Google Ads

In response to user feedback on the difficulty of configuring imports, Microsoft unveiled a simplified, more efficient way to import campaigns from Google Ads. The process will consist of three simple steps:

  1. Sign in
  2. Choose your accounts
  3. Start your import

Once the import is completed, Microsoft will automatically optimize your import settings to ensure the best performance from your Google Ads campaigns. The full suite of advanced import options will remain available for those who want to do their own customization.

Google Ads Import

Microsoft is also introducing automatic synching, rather than daily/weekly/monthly. An import will be triggered when changes made to your Google Ads account are likely to be beneficial to your Microsoft Advertising account, for example if Microsoft releases a feature you’re already using in Google Ads.

Microsoft Smart Shopping for Shopify

A new feature in Microsoft Advertising’s Shopify app will simplify shopping campaign creation.  Shopify advertisers using the app are automatically opted in to free product listings on the Bing Shopping Tab.

Microsoft Audience Network expanded

The addition of France and Germany is now live, which means the Audience Network now covers seven markets: US, Canada (in English), UK, Australia, France, Germany and New Zealand, providing increased opportunities globally.

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