Google starts rolling out new Ads design

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 26 Jun, 2023
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Users will be moved across by the end of this year. Read on for a look at the new design.

Google Ads.

Google has announced a new Ads design, following a period of testing two potential designs from March this year.

All advertisers will be impacted, as the new design will be default from 2024.

The new design has a main menu on the left, with pages organized into five high-level categories.

  1. Campaigns: analyze, optimize and manage your campaigns
  2. Goals: define, monitor and update your conversion goals
  3. Tools: find tools for: planning, bidding and budgets, troubleshooting and more
  4. Billing: monitor your spend and payments
  5. Admin: manage your team, security and account settings

Here’s what it looks like:

Ads new design.

Google is continuing to take feedback on board and it encourages users to leave their comments in the Leave Feedback section. Two areas still being worked on are how to improve workflows and screen real estate spacing.

Documentation and resources will be provided as the new design rolls out, and in the meantime Google has a quick reference map to help you find key pages.

The new design is rolling out first to those who took part in the trial, but Google says everyone can expect to be switched over by the end of the year.

Users have the option to switch back to the old design, but only until 2024

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