Google publishes Guide to Responsive Search Ads

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 29 Aug, 2023
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How to write ads for maximum performance and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Guide to Responsive Search Ads.

Image: Marissa Rodriguez on Unsplash

Google has published a guide to help marketers get the best out of their campaigns using responsive search ads.  It provides a walkthrough of how responsive search ads use Google AI to generate ads that are expected to perform the best for each query, how to write ads that perform for conversions, and how to measure your campaign’s effectiveness.

It’s a useful resource for anyone new to responsive search ads, or who just wants a better understanding of how they work and how to get the most out of them.

The guide is split into 7 sections:

  1. The challenge with delivering the right ads - making sure your ads stay relevant and helpful in a changing search landscape
  2. Why responsive search ads - delivering ads with tested headlines and descriptions for optimal performance
  3. How responsive search ads select combinations to generate Search ads
  4. Ad Strength - forward-looking feedback on how well the assets in your responsive search ad reflect attributes correlated with better performance.
  5.  Tools to help create high quality assets - asset suggestions, recommendations for improving Ad Strength, and automatically created assets.
  6.  Evaluate the effectiveness of responsive search ads - measure with asset performance ratings, search insights, and ad variations for A/B testing.
  7. AI-ready account structure: Smart Bidding, broad match, & responsive search ads

Key takeaways

Google summarises the key takeaways as follows:

  • The more assets the better
  • Use Ad Strength to evaluate how well your responsive search ads are set up
  • Measure the right metrics when evaluating the performance of your responsive search ads
  • Asset performance ratings and ad variations can help you understand how to improve
  • responsive search ads after they’ve garnered enough data.
  • Use responsive search ads with Smart Bidding and broad match

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