Google adds new shopping search features

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 8 Nov, 2022
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Google unveils new promotion badges, side-by-side deal comparisons and price insights ahead of the holiday shopping season.

New shopping features.

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With Black Friday and the upcoming festive shopping season just around the corner, Google has added new search features to help shoppers to find deals.

If you’re a retailer, it’s worth being aware of these new features. Make sure you have all your structured data and product information in place in order to take advantage of all opportunities to increase your visibility on Google search.

Coupons and promotions

Google's new promotion badge will display in Search on items running a promotion. A new clipping coupon feature allows you to easily copy coupon codes, as commonly used on coupon sites. 

Here's what it looks like:

Promotional coupons.

The new features will roll out in the coming weeks.

Read more about structured data markup for Merchant Center and how to add more product data on Google’s help page.

Compare deals side-by-side

Google has made it easier to compare deals by giving a side-by-side view in Search.

Deals comparison.

Google says the feature will roll out later this month, in time for the holidays.

Price insights

The price insights feature makes it easier for shoppers to compare prices across different retailers for the same product, to see if something is good value. They’ll be able to see if a retailer’s price is low, high or typical for the product.


If you’re a retailer, it’s an extra incentive to keep pricing up to date and competitive for the product, or risk losing sales.

You can check how your deals are performing and review your promotions  wherever you manage your product listings.


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