Ad blockers cost Google $1.86 billion – but what’s the cost to you?

Posted by Matthew Zajechowski on 28 Oct, 2015
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If you’re an advertiser, the use of ad blocking software is a worrying trend that could have implications for the amount of return you get from online advertising.

It cost Google an estimated $1.86 billion in lost revenue last year – a figure that gets passed on to advertisers and publishers.

Ad-blocking software prevent ads from being served. Advertisers then lose potential views and the publishers hosting the ads don’t get paid. Up until recently, most ad blocking occurred on desktops but, mobile advertising has grown to account for 50% of the market. This growth may be in jeopardy with the release of iOS9 which allows ad blocking to run on mobile devices. 

Find out more about the rise of ad blockers (and what do about them), the state of ad blocking around the world (41% growth globally over the last 12 months), who is blocking the ads and why, and how as an advertiser or publisher you can rescue your ad performance. 


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