Learn how to make your site accessible in 10 minutes [infographic]

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 4 Sep, 2017
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Taking the time to make your website accessible could increase the potential number of site visitors by hundreds of millions of people.

Considering accessibility is common when thinking about bricks and mortar buildings – you might add a ramp in addition to stairs for example or include braille beneath wall signs. It’s less common to think in this way when building or maintaining your online presence. But, if you take the time to apply this same mindset to your website, you could remove frustrating or inconvenient features (or be more aware of a lack of necessary features) and make your site more accessible to your target audience.

Website accessibility is a huge issue. The World Health Organization estimates some 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired. In some instances, having an accessible website is a legal requirement. Accessible websites are also easier for search engines to crawl, meaning you’ll get SEO benefits alongside the extended reach. What’s more, if your site is accessible, you can also demonstrate social responsibility – which can only benefit your PR.

There are hundreds of reasons someone may have difficulty viewing or navigating your site, ranging from limited mobility and visual impairment to considerations such as poor internet connectivity and mobile-only access. Making your domain accessible for all of these needs might seem like an impossible task but, if you follow the tips in this infographic, you could make a big difference in just 10 minutes.

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