Data Driven Business conference coming to London in October - 15% off entry

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 30 Aug, 2016
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Digital marketers and business owners are invited to delve deep into the science of conversions, digital and predictive analysis at Data Driven Business London, which will take place across two days in London next month (October 12-13). Advance booking rates are available until 11 October.

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With a focus on customer centricity through data, the conference delves deep into analytics, split across four conferences, six parallel tracks and more than fifty sessions. Over 60 experts will share their knowledge and insight across the two-day event which will also play host to three full-day workshops.

Four conferences

The four conferences can be attended solo or booked all together.

Conversion Conference

The Conversion Conference will explore the latest tactics and strategies for conversion rate optimization. Delegates will learn optimization techniques from a clutch of experts and pick up useful insight on how to grow their business. Topics include how to collect meaningful data from cross-channel and multi-device buyers along with techniques for implementing A/B and multivariate testing. There’ll also be one-to-one advice for conversion rate improvement from a panel of specialists.

eMetrics Summit

The eMetrics Summit will be staffed by marketing analytics practitioners, experts and visionaries. They’ll discuss key areas of interest to capture and develop insights from data.

Predictive Analytics World London

Predictive Analytics World London is a vendor neutral conference which will take place over the two days. This is the fifth installment of the annual conference and will deliver examples of deployed predictive analytics, with analysis of the corresponding business impact. Featured speakers include Michael Berry, analytics director for TripAdvisor as well as data professionals from IBM, Visa and Siemens AG.

Email Innovations Summit

The hotly anticipated Email Innovations Summit will focus exclusively on the future of email marketing, and how delegates can leverage data to propel their marketing to the head of the pack. It will consider topics such as advancements in acquisition technologies and cutting-edge responsive design as well as data driven subject lines and increased engagement.

Three workshops

All workshops will take place on Tuesday October 11 and run from 9.00am.

Moderated user testing

Karl Gilis and Els Aerts of AGConsult will lead the first of the trio. Their workshop, entitled “How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Moderated User Testing” will equip attendees with all the skill they need to perform in person user testing. Expect to exit with an action plan for tester recruitment, a solid understanding of how to determine test scenarios, moderation skills and to be able to consider the relevance of eye-tracking and heat maps.

Agile analytics

In workshop two, digital analytics thought leader and consultant Stéphane Hamel will host “Agile analytics – From Darkness to Enlightenment in a Day (a radical approach to digital analytics!)”. The workshop will introduce delegates to new analytics approaches and techniques, equipping them to obtain stakeholder buy-in for analytic projects, identify KPIs, develop an agile problem solving process and effectively communicate findings to other team members.

Predictive analytics

The third workshop will be chaired by the founder and CEO of Elder Research Inc, John Elder. “The Best and the Worst of Predictive Analytics: Predictive Modelling Methods and Common Data Mining Mistakes” is intended for those with a working knowledge of predictive modeling and a desire to learn more. The session will focus on standard and advanced methods with an exploration of key algorithms, business impact case studies and tool and methodology selection.

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