20% discount at SES San Francisco

Posted by Justin Deaville on 20 Jun, 2011
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Get a 20% discount to SES San Francisco

You can get 20% off entry to SES San Francisco if you quote this discount code: WDT20

Not your run of the mill marketing conference. SES San Francisco Conference & Expo has recruited some of the most cutting edge practitioners, sharing case studies on what's working, what's not, emerging trends, and new technologies to help you measure your results.  Get high-level learning you won’t experience anywhere else.

These are the advanced sessions recommended for experienced marketers with 3-5 years:  

Bing: More Bang For The Click

Learn how can help you build a better online footprint and reach more customers with Bing

Advanced Keyword Modeling

This session will guide you through ways to integrate data from search, social and traditional media to identify new opportunities and revenue streams.

Crossing the Digital Divide: The Leap from Search to Display

Advice for experienced search advertisers who want to take a first foray into exchange-traded display to broaden their media mix.

Is Retargeting / Remarketing Right for You?

Experts share their experiences with Remarketing and the impact it has had on advertisers' overall ROI. The panelists will also address the lack of awareness and the issues that have arisen surrounding Remarketing as a result.

HTML5: The Interactive Social Web

Find out how the new hypertext markup language will change the chemistry of the web

Protecting Your Brand Online

In this advanced session, world-renowned online reputation management expert Andy Beal will open his play-book for managing your online reputation.

Advanced Paid Search Tactics

This session covers campaign expansion techniques, advanced ad testing, advanced auction theory, the proper use of relevant analytics reports, ideas for bid rules and campaign automation, techniques for acting on seemingly inconclusive data, and more.

Conversion Tools of the Master Craftsman

From usability testing and visual attention heatmaps to keyword and SEO tools and engagement analytics, you'll learn the secret weapons that these conversion masters rely on daily.

Creative Thinking And Effective Linking

This advanced session takes into consideration the combination of links, text and usage data as ranking signals to search engines. Learn how to use creative methods to develop and maintain an ongoing linking strategy to acquire quality links and improve ranking for varying types of content.

Channel Surfing: Measuring Profit & ROI Across Channels

Proper attribution models give marketers scientifically valid ways to determine how particular channels had an influence on purchase or conversion. In this session, the panelists will identify various methods for determining attribution and will pinpoint common attribution misconceptions.

PPC Beyond Search: New Ad Formats, Display, and Social

This session aims to bring marketers up to speed on the state of the art. Also covered: what tools or skill sets are needed to manage and report on results from multiple search engines and even Facebook? How should marketers prioritize efforts?

The event kicks off with a series of sessions suited to online marketers with less than a year's experience. 

You can see the SES agenda for the week's full schedule.

And remember: you can get 20% off entry if you quote this discount code: WDT20

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