Pinterest’s new Promoted Carousel shows 5 pictures within a single ad

Posted by Wordtracker on 6 Nov, 2018
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Advertisers can promote multiple products and experiences in one ad unit.

Promoted Carousel

Pinterest is a social media platforms which epitomises the visual experience.  Their new ad format, launched last week, is the Promoted Carousel which allows businesses to showcase 5 different images within one ad unit.

It’s similar to Facebook’s carousel ads and each of the swipeable slots can have its own image, title, description and landing page. Businesses will be able to feature different products or experiences, or tell a story relating to their brand.

The Carousel will be displayed in user feeds like any other Pin. Users can swipe through or tap to display the image and launch the landing page.

A number of brands were given early access to the new ad format, including Cheerios, Everlane, COVERGIRL and DSW. According to a Millward Brown Brand Lift Study, Cheerios’ Promoted Carousel campaign on kindness showed an 11.4 point lift in ad awareness and an 8.6 point lift in message association.

Promoted Carousel is available for all Pinterest Business accounts in all their ad markets.

There are lots of clever ways to use carousel ads and Facebook and Instagram advertisers have been using the format to increase click through rates and engagement.

Tesco Carousel

Source: Tesco Foods

For more details see Pinterest’s blog post and for inspiration go to

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