North American marketers move toward people-based advertising

Posted by Matthew Zajechowski on 3 May, 2016
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Digital advertising is at a crossroads, and marketers who embrace and adapt to a rapidly evolving media landscape are in the best position to engage customers and make the most of their ad budgets.

Signal and Econsultancy recently surveyed 358 senior North American brand marketers and agency media buyers to better understand the impact and future of addressable media within their organizations.  This new approach to digital media lets advertisers target real people in real-time using first-party data, rather than cookies.

We discovered that advertisers are ready to increase their investment in addressable media. 83% of media buyers using addressable media reported superior performance across their clients compared to traditional display ads, with 63% of advertisers reporting improved click-through-rates and 60% higher conversion rates. Addressable media allowed advertisers to target digital ads with more precision and relevancy than traditional display ads.


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