New tools for creating video ads with Google

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 5 Aug, 2022
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Google makes video ad creation easier with templates designed for YouTube ads, a voice-over tool and assets library.

Video ads.

Google has launched a series of tools aimed at making it easier to create video ads. Designed for YouTube ads, the features provides templates for video ads and an easy way to add voice-overs, and a centralised location for the creative assets needed for your ads.

Video creation tool

You can create high quality video ads “in a matter of minutes” with Google’s new ad templates, which are designed specifically to work with YouTube.

Just select a template from Google’s catalog, then personalize it with your brand colors, logo, images and text. You can select a music track from Google’s audio library for your audio.

As the templates are made for YouTube, Google says they have “optimal pacing, brand and product placements and prominent calls to action”.

Video creation.

Voice-overs for your ads

A new tool lets you add a voice-over to your YouTube ads using Google’s speech to text technology.  

Google says the voice-overs are “near human quality” and optimized for advertising.

The feature is accessible from the asset library. Just type in your script, select your preferred voice, and your voice-over will be overlaid onto your video.

There are currently 7 voices available in English (US) specifically created with advertising in mind. In addition, general text-to-speech voices are available in Filipino, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Mandarin, Spanish and Swedish. Google plans to add more ad voices and languages in the future. 

The feature makes it fast and easy to add quality voice-overs to your YouTube ads.

Assets Library

A new assets library provides a centralized home for your creatives, making it easier to collaborate with colleagues and maintain consistency across your campaigns.

You can access your asset in the library directly while building your ad. The library will initially support images, but Google says more asset types will follow in future.

Assets Library.

See details of these new features in Google's blog post and help pages: video creation, voice-overs, asset library,

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