LinkedIn data shows social media marketing and SEO top in-demand skills [infographic]

Posted by Wordtracker on 5 May, 2024
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Many organizations are looking for a mix of highly technical and core traditional and creative interpersonal skills.

The latest research from LinkedIn shows that adaptability is highly rated by employers, who are prioritizing a mix of left brain and right brain skills in their hiring processes. AI and data analysis skills are valued alongside more traditional creative skills such as copywriting and graphic design.

LinkedIn's data also revealed that social media marketing and search engine optimization are currently the most sought after marketing skills on the platform.

Check out the infographic below for more details.

LinkedIn Skills 2024

Skills evolving.

Hiring this year.

Marketing skills.

Left brain, right brain.

In-demand marketing skills.

Left brain right brain.

Skills worldwide.

In-demand skills by industry.

Source: LinkedIn

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