Google's AI tool helps you prepare for job interviews

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 30 May, 2022
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Practice interview questions with Google’s AI-powered Interview Warmup tool.

Interview Warmup.

Google’s Interview Warmup tool is designed to help you practice answering interview questions and so be more confident when you come to the interview itself. The tool was originally designed to help Google Career Certificate learners but is now available to everyone.

You can prepare for your interview by rehearsing answering commonly asked questions, as well as job-specific ones picked by an expert in that field. You can give your answers orally, or type them in.


Image source: Google

Your answers are transcribed in real time so you can review them and see insights that can identify patterns in your responses and ways to improve.

The tool asks three types of question:

Background questions cover your past training and experiences. They can include questions about your education, past jobs, interests, and goals.

Situational questions cover how you’ve dealt with situations in the past and how you might deal with situations in the future.

Technical questions cover knowledge and skills specific to your field. They often test how you would use your technical knowledge to solve problems in hypothetical situations.

The Insights function uses machine learning to show you information about your responses and include: the job-related terms you use, your most-used words, and the talking points you cover.

Warmup Insights.

Image source: Google

Interview Warmup doesn't grade your answer, or categorize anything as right or wrong. It gives you information so you can go back and improve to hone your answrs.

The tool doesn't save the audio or transcript of your answers and all your data remains private to you.

There's a useful Tips page, with advice around the interview itself and on answering specific types of questions, and  more information on the tool's FAQ page.

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