Amazon launches AI-powered image tool for advertisers

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 31 Oct, 2023
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Use generative AI to create lifestyle oriented images, which can boost clickthrough rates by as much as 40%.

Amazon Ads AI image tool.

Image: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Amazon has launched a new image creation tool in beta using generative AI to enable advertisers to create more engaging images for ads.

This has the potential to be a gamechanger, especially for small advertisers with limited resources and budget.

An Amazon survey in March 2023 revealed that almost 75% of advertisers who struggled to build successful campaigns, said their biggest challenges were building ad creatives and choosing a creative format. This is Amazon’s response, which they hope will reduce friction for advertisers and provide them with a tool “that deliver(s) more impact while minimizing effort”.

Typically, an advertiser may have a picture of their product with a bland, white background. Amazon is full of those images, as we know.

The image generator allows you to place the toaster in a lifestyle context, for example on a kitchen worktop, making a more engaging image.

AI imgage generator.

Amazon says this kind of lifestyle context can increase clickthrough rates by up to 40%.

The tool is designed to be super easy to use, with no technical expertise needed. You can also choose a theme such as pumpkin spice for Halloween, and create different versions quickly to test and so optimize performance.

Amazon’s video shows the tool in action.

The image generator is being rolled now out to selected advertisers and Amazon Ads will make it more widely available over time.

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