A small business guide to growth hacking [infographic]

Posted by Wordtracker on 7 Mar, 2023
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Proven strategies to help your business unlock its potential.

Many of today's most successful businesses utilized growth hacking techniques to get where they are today.

Dropbox grew from 100,000 users to 4 million by offering free cloud space to users who connected their social media accounts. Airbnb growth hacked their way through Craigslist by emailing people who listed rental homes, asking if they wanted to use their platform. And Dunkin' Donuts increased cold brew coffee sales by 45% with a clever influencer marketing campaign starring Charlie D'Amelio.

And while these hype-generating marketing tactics are exciting - how can you apply them to your small business?

This new infographic from OnDeck explains the basics of growth hacking, provides seven proven ways to growth hack a small business, and even provides growth hacking mistakes to avoid.

Source: OnDeck

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