Google adds hundreds more advertisers to Attribution beta

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 25 Oct, 2017
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Google has rolled out its multi-channel attribution beta product to hundreds more advertisers following initial early success with a smaller group.

Google Attribution is a new platform which the search engine announced in May. It is a free service which will use data advertisers have in Google Analytics, AdWords or DoubleClick Search to simplify the currently complex problem of correct attribution across multiple devices and multiple channels. The overall aim of Google Attribution is to put an end to last click attribution, which gives the credit for the conversion to the final touchpoint (such as a click on an advert).

Google Attribution will instead make it easier for marketers to see cross-channel data and how their budgets spent earlier on in the consumer journey performed.

It has been testing Google Attribution with an initial beta group of advertisers but will now roll out to hundreds more this week.

Google says that data-driven attribution delivers more conversions at a similar cost-per-conversion than last-click attribution. It’s also a more effective way to manage and monitor search and shopping ads.

The initial beta test results showed that advertisers were able to use Google Attribution to improve their cross-channel performance. The online marketplace, Pixers was one of the initial beta testers. Its SEM and remarketing manager, Arkadiusz Kuna said, "By using Google Attribution data we have finally eliminated guesswork from evaluating the performance of campaigns we're running, including shopping and re-marketing. The integration with AdWords also enabled us to gradually roll-out smart bidding strategies across increasing number of campaigns. The results have significantly exceeded expectations as we managed to cut the CPA while obtaining larger conversion volumes." 

Meal delivery service HelloFresh said that its participation in the initial beta test allowed it to grow conversions by 10% and integrate cross-channel bidding throughout its AdWords campaigns.

Not all advertisers will be able to participate in the extended beta test right away. To check if your account is eligible, you’ll need to try and log in to Google Attribution. If you’re not currently eligible, more advertisers will be invited to participate in the coming months. Those interested in doing so can register their interest to receive a notification when it becomes available. 

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