Best Wordtracker Academy articles of 2010

Posted by Mark Nunney on 21 Dec, 2010
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Prepare your site for the opportunities of 2011 with these outstanding 17 articles from the Wordtracker Academy in 2010 ...

Keyword research and strategy

1. Discover a profitable niche for a new website

In this video, Mike Mindel shows you how to find a profitable niche market for a new website. You’ll learn how to find that gap in the market where searchers' needs are not being met by enough suppliers, so your new product or service can fit right in and compete successfully.

2. The long tail of keyword research (and why single keywords are for losers)

In one month, a small website about management and leadership received 95,036 visits from search engines via 44,655 thousand different keywords. That’s a lot of keywords for a little site; and it’s a glimpse into the long tail of keyword research. For most websites, how to make a profit from the long tail is the same as how to make a profit.

3. Really really really easy SEO

More traffic and response with really really really easy SEO (search engine optimization) works by building on your current success - the keywords that already bring response to your site. These keywords are your low-hanging fruit and getting more results from them is child’s play. Mark Nunney explains how to do it.

Optimize your site

4. SEO your web page for Google (video)

In this video, Mike Mindel shows you how to optimize a web page for search engines, so you can rank for the keywords you choose and attract more traffic from Google.

5. How to successfully optimize a page for over 10,000 keywords

How many keywords do each of your website’s pages target? One? Two? With the help of our old friend, the long tail of keywords, Mark Nunney shows how you can optimize a single page for over 10,000 keywords if you ‘target the head and exploit the tail’.

6. How to plan your site structure for maximum traffic (Video)

In this video, Mike Mindel shows you how to plan your site structure for maximum Google traffic, and why using category and content pages is the way to do it.

7. How to write near-perfect headlines in minutes (Headline writing course part 1)

To help you perfect your headline writing, we published a 9-part headline writing course by Sean D’Souza. Sean is the legend behind and The Brain Audit – a system that can increase sales from your website by helping you understand why your customers buy and why they don’t.

8. Designing web pages for conversion with "Save The Pixel"

In his book, Save The Pixel, Ben Hunt gives a clear step-by-step guide to making your website more effective. He shares some of its secrets with you here.

Link building

9. Ken McGaffin's link building webinar (recording)

Learn how to find relevant link prospects, prioritize your prospects to get the best possible results quickest, plan link building campaigns using proven tactics and track contact with your prospects.

10. Fastest link building campaign planner ever (8 different campaigns in minutes)

In this article Ken McGaffin shows you how to get your next link building project off to a flying start by letting Link Builder create eight ready made campaigns for you. You’ll be starting to approach quality link prospects within minutes.

11. Drive sales and links for SEO through online PR

The media is full of stories about businesses of all kinds – small, large, innovative, personal, family and multinational. These stories bring publicity and sales to the businesses featured. Join them.

12. 62 steps to the definitive link building campaign

Successful search engine optimization (SEO) requires inbound links from quality relevant websites. Using extracts from their new book, Wordtracker Masterclass: Link Building - How to build links to your website for SEO, traffic and response, Ken McGaffin and Mark Nunney here outline the definitive steps in a successful, long term link building campaign.


13. Learn the basics of PPC advertising - for free

AdWords – Google’s powerful pay per click (PPC) marketing tool - can be a great way of attracting traffic to your website.

14. Are you paying too much for your Adwords?

Chances are you're paying too much for your Google Adwords pay per click advertising but you can start right now on the path to better response rates for less money.

15. How to win with PPC

There’s a lot of great information available about PPC technique. But having great PPC technique is only half the puzzle. In order to make money using PPC, you need good business techniques, too.


16. 99 takeaways and top tips from SES London 2010

The Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference in London was once again a great success and Mark Nunney collected no less than 99 tips, ideas, statistics and memorable quotes from various speakers, panelists and a man in the bar.

17. 111 takeaways and top tips from SMX Advanced London 2010

SMX London 2010 was SMX Advanced so we thought we'd push ourselves too and offer you 111 takeaways and top tips from the conference. Wordtracker's top tweeter, Mal Darwen attended and was supported by Mark Nunney reporting the coverage.

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