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Wordtracker Scout's latest updates

Posted by Mal Darwen
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Read about the September 2013 updates to Wordtracker Scout, the only tool that allows you to use the whole web as a keyword generator

We've reached the next stage in the development of our increasingly popular Chrome extension, Scout. If you've not heard of Scout yet, it's an extension that helps you turn the entire Internet into a keyword generation tool in a single click. It's available in the Chrome Store, and it's completely free.

So what's new?

Scout not only shows you the most relevant keywords to a web page on your first click, we've now put in a slider so that you can adjust the number of keywords you see in the cloud. Drag it all the way to the left and you'll see only the *most* relevant keywords on the page. All the way to the right, and you'll see all the keywords Scout has identified on the page.

On the Summary tab, the keywords in the word cloud, taken from the page you're analyzing, are all in different shades of blue - the darker the blue, the more heavily searched they are on the Internet, and the paler they get, the lower search volume they'll have. You can click on any keyword to see information such as the search figure, the relevancy score and how many times it appears on the page. The larger the keyword in the cloud, the higher relevance it has to the page - keywords that are shown smaller have less relevance. More insight, less work.

On the Insights tab, you'll see the same slider, along with a list of the words from the cloud in the Summary tab - again, we've given you a slider so that you can change your view of how many keywords you see in this list. There are also some numbers (1 - 5) at the top of the list - these represent keyword lengths. Click on a number to eliminate that group - i.e. click on 1 to eliminate single keywords. It's a really quick way to look at the long tail keywords on any page, and hide shorter, head keywords that may be too competitive to work with at this point, and leave the longer, less competitive keywords in view.


The Keywords tab keeps its original functions - giving you search volumes, IAAT and KEI for each keyword that Scout finds on the page. It's easy to copy the keywords from the Insights and Keywords tabs - just hit the 'copy' button in the top right, and you can then paste the keywords and numbers anywhere - even straight into an Excel spreadsheet (Chrome's clever enough to remember the formatting when you copy a table like this).

We're still working on Scout, and we've got lots more to bring you, so watch this space - and remember, if you have your own thoughts about what you'd like to see in the tool, let us know - we're looking forward to bringing you more features to make Scout even more powerful.

If you haven't tried it out yet, download Scout now and see for yourself how you can analyze any web page to uncover the true language of the market you're researching. Let us know what you think of the tool and its updates, either in the comments here, or by emailing We'd love to hear your thoughts.