18 ways to take advantage of Facebook and Twitter for your business

Posted by Gareth Davies
Social media marketing
18 ways to take advantage of Facebook and Twitter for your business from Wordtracker, the leading keyword research tool

Social media is huge. Just look at the stats. Below are 18 simple ways to get your social media marketing right.

There are now over 900 million users on Facebook and 140 million tweets every day on Twitter. Social media has a plethora of uses, from branding to data capture, market research to customer service and sales. And there are SEO benefits too. Get it right and social media can deliver traffic, sales, brand awareness and more. Get it wrong, however, and you could suffer at the hands of a cynical web-savvy crowd.

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1) Use Facebook and Twitter

Facebook can be useful for brands as it is possible to add brand pages and use Facebook apps for advertising and promotion. Twitter is about to add brand pages too in conjunction with trending topic advertising and sponsored posts. Using these two platforms it is possible to build both a presence and a community.

2) Create great content

To succeed with social media you need to invest in great content that gets shared. Think about ways to capture the imagination of your audience.

3) It’s about people

Aim to build relationships, identify advocates and make your social content easy to share.

4) Identify ways to make money

Social media can also make a business money. By driving traffic to your website via discounts or promotional offers, it’s possible to boost sales.

5) Offer excellent customer service

Social media can help you retain happy customers. Recruiting new customers can be hugely expensive. So, using social media can be a cost effective way of making your business more profitable. Zappos.com, a clothing website, is a big advocate of social media. The company uses it as part of their overall brand building and marketing strategy.

6) Think about public perception

It is important to be aware of how your business is perceived when you use social media. Authenticity and an appropriate tone can be critical for brands. If you get it wrong, it can backfire! McDonald's have made mistakes on Twitter with poorly thought out tweets, and received a barrage of negative tweets in return.

7) Have good reasons

It’s important to know why you’re using social media. Business owners should ask why they are doing it, and what are they trying to achieve. Once you’ve identified your goals you can build your campaigns around these solid fundamentals.

8) Build on your strengths

Build on your company’s strengths. A long term plan for your social media has a greater chance of success.

9) Automate

Automation and scheduling tools are great for convenience. Tools can save time and social monitoring tools are crucial for brand awareness. However remember that none of these should be used as a replacement for human interaction.

10) Define your KPIs

Ensure you have decided on your key performance indicators (KPIs) before you launch. The more you measure, the more you can spot trends. Measure as much as is practical. Be aware that Google Analytics doesn’t measure Twitter traffic properly due to the short URLs often used in tweets. It is possible, though, to set up tags in Google Analytics to solve this.

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11) Realize how significant Facebook has become

There are 1.3 billion visits a month to Facebook in the UK. One in every six page views in the UK is now a Facebook page (source: Hitwise 2012)

12) Facebook ads are different from Google

Facebook ads are similar to paid search in that Facebook runs an auction that is similar to Google’s AdWords, but remember there is no search word intent.

13) Offer value to your fans

On Facebook you should aim to offer value to people. Always analyze the true value are you offering your fans, and consider whether you could do more.

14) Use images on Facebook ads

The image on your Facebook ads should really grab attention. Logos don’t tend to work as well as a relevant photo with ads, so select a suitable image of a person or hero shot because an image can help drive up to seven times as many likes (source: efrontier.com)

15) Target your Facebook ads

Use the features on Facebook to target your ads based on a user’s location, demographics, and interests.

16) Beat the Facebook burn

Showing the same ad over and over again on Facebook can kill clickthrough rate. This can happen in a couple of weeks, days or even hours, so have backup ads ready to go. Use different images, offers and headlines.

17) Schedule your Facebook campaigns

Think about whether ads need to run all the time or whether they can be day parted. Facebook has a basic scheduling system, though it can be clumsy.

18) Cap Facebook exposure

Use campaign budgets to cap exposure to your target groups. As a rule of thumb do not show people the same ads seven to eight times a day.

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