The Wordtracker API Pricing Guide

How to find the right API plan for you.

The Wordtracker API is a powerful tool for bringing keyword data directly into your application or for powering your own tools and API services.

We offer a range of plans to suit different needs, depending on how much keyword data you might need to access. We've made the plans as simple as possible so it's easy to pick the right plan and get the best value possible.

The plans

We offer three plan types as outlined in the pricing table and all prices are given in USD.

Within each plan there is the:

Monthly Price: The base cost of the plan. This is an upfront cost and paid every month. The exact date will depend on your billing cycle. but to access the API you will need to be signed up to the Trial plan at least. This is free for the first 10 days after which you'll be charged $50 per month.

Calls included with your plan: This is the number of calls that you are given within the plan. Use as many or as few of these as you like each month. However please be aware these reset monthly and do not acrrue. Use them or lose them!

Included calls can get this many keywords: We offer 2 main types of calls, 'search' and 'fetch'. With 'search' you provide a seed term and the API provides up to 2000 results, so your one keyword might return 2000 closely related terms.

This means, for instance, the 200 included calls within the Trial plan can return up to 400,000 keywords. [200 * 2000 = 400,000].

Cost of extra calls not included in plan: This is the 'overage' cost. If you use more than the calls included in your plan this is how much you will be charged per call. This is broadly in line with the base cost of the plan and the included calls.

The plan types with the highest included calls benefit from economies of scale and the cost per call lowers dramatically.

Plan limits

We place limits on plans to protect both us and end users. Although we keep these pretty broad it means that if you make a mistake with the API and end up making a very high number of calls in a short amount of time you will hit a limit before things get too out of hand.

The API itself is highly robust and can cope with very high call volumes, so limits are added in artifically and we can remove or adjust these upon request for your plan.

The other point of limits is to let you know when it is more economical to move to a higher plan. As the cost per call is lower on bigger plans you may be better off paying the base rate on a higher plan even if you do not use all the included credits every month.

Working out which is the best plan for you

This is all down to how many keywords you think you need each month.

There two main ways of obtaining these with the Wordtracker API: the 'search' and the 'fetch' calls.

Using 'search' you provide a seed term and we respond with up to 2000 keywords and associated data.

However it might be the case you already have the keywords and you just want to get information about them, in which case you will need the 'fetch' call. This allows you to get data for up to 500 keywords at a time.

Let's work through an example...

My application analyses web pages and tells people which are the most popular keywords used on the page. I want to get both the search volumes for keywords I find on page, and use the most important terms to generate more keywords.

My users analyse around 30 pages per day. For each page I want to get information for up to 100 keywords found on page. I will then take the 5 most popular terms and use these to generate more keywords.

So for my application I will need 1 'fetch' call and 5 'search' calls for each page analysed. Meaning 6 calls per page:

6 calls * 30 pages per day = 180 calls per day.

180 * 30 = ~5400 calls per month.

This is the mid-point between Bronze (2000 calls) and Silver (10,000 calls) so which would be the best plan?

If I were to sign up to the Bronze plan I get 2000 calls included for $500 and would then need to pay $0.30 for the other 3400.

3400 * 0.25 = $850

Making a total cost of 850 + 500 = $1350

So even though I don't need all the calls I would be much better off going for the Silver plan at $1000. I would have double the units needed available and having headroom means increased functionality and data within my app leading to increased usage isn't going to push up my plan costs.

If you think you are going to need a lot of calls

We offer custom pricing for very high level usage. If you think you're going to need over the $2000 mark or if you have very unique requirements please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

We are always excited to be part of cool projects and happy to be as flexible as we can with making the Wordtracker API work for you.