Wordtracker's new tool Strategizer is accepting alpha testers

Posted by Wordtracker on 11 Mar, 2010
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Wordtracker's new tool Strategizer - from Wordtracker, the leading keyword research tool

Wordtracker's new Strategizer tool can help make make your PPC and SEO more profitable and we thought you might like to test it for free.

Your site will need a Google Analytics account and some existing traffic.

Using your Google Analytics data, Wordtracker’s Strategizer finds your site’s most responsive and profitable groups of keywords. These keywords offer you the:

  • highest response rates as that's how they are chosen

  • easiest and quickest way to get more response. If you already get results for a keyword then you can usually easily get more results by targeting similar keywords. Eg if you get results for business management then you can probably get more results for business management technique.

This works for SEO and PPC.

Strategizer then adds keyword research data from Google so you can see how popular your most profitable groups of keywords are. Now you know how much work each of your target groups of keywords is worth. For more on the importance of groups of keywords, see these two articles:

Why SEO for profit must target groups of keywords

The long tail of keyword research (and why single keywords are for losers)

So Strategizer tells you:

  • the proven most-profitable groups of keywords to target

  • the easiest-to-get-results for groups of keywords

  • how much work you should do for each target group of keywords

I've been successfully using this as a method for SEO for many years, eg see The SEO pro's secret path.

But with the Strategizer, the method is now automated, saving you (and me) days of work.

I'll tell you more soon but this is a quiet alpha launch and there are only a few free test subscriptions available. So don't tell your friends, don't blog about this and don't tweet it as more responses means you'll have less chance of getting a free go.

If you'd like a test run on the Strategizer fill out the form below...

(Privacy note: We will add your email address to a mailing list and you'll receive Wordtracker's newsletters and emails. But you won't be spammed and can cancel at anytime.)


Mark Nunney

Update, 15th March 2010: We're not accepting more any new alpha testers at the moment but you can apply to be on the list should that change.

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