Wordtracker changes, March 2010

Posted by Wordtracker on 15 Feb, 2010
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As part of Wordtracker’s continued development, the old versions of our keyword tools: the Keyword Universe, Keyword Researcher and Full Search will be removed on the 31st March 2010.

The reason for our decision is that we wish to put 100% of our support and development resources into the latest version of the tool. Over the past 12 months we’ve updated the Keywords tool with:

  • A new, more intuitive look and feel.
  • New and better metrics (in conjunction with our partners Majestic SEO), including a new formula for our Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) that helps you find money-making keywords more quickly than before.
  • Improved projects and lists, so you can manage your keywords more easily.
  • User-friendly help pages and videos.
  • A full year of search data, so you get a more accurate view of the number of searches for each keyword.

We’d like to do more - much more - to improve the Wordtracker Keywords tool, and that’s only going to be possible if we focus our resources on the latest version.

I hope it helps you to know the reasons for the changes we make. If you've suggestions for ways in which we can continue to develop, we'd love to hear from you.

Mike Mindel
CTO, Founder

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