Good Eggs: Wordtracker's weekly SEO round-up (Week ending January 17th, 2013)

Posted by Julie McNamee on 17 Jan, 2013
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Good Eggs: Wordtracker's weekly SEO round-up by Wordtracker, the leading keyword research tool

Wordtracker's weekly round-up of SEO-related articles.

Good egg

The big news this week has been Facebook's promised launch of a smart search engine called "graph search". Here are two of the best articles looking at what this launch is going to mean:

Early thoughts on what Facebook’s Graph Search means for SEO by @kelvinnewman


Facebook is no longer flat: On graph search by John Battelle

Brian Massey on Search Engine Land presents a novel take on the humble landing page in If Your Landing Page Could Talk, What Would it Say?

Never forget there are tried and trusted ways to make conversions from your sales pages. Nick Usborne reminds us what they are in Are you forgetting to use some very simply and proven sales techniques on your online sales pages?

The Google Penguin update has resulted in webmasters rushing to disown links. Danny Sullivan reports that even Stumbleupon are getting requests to take down links. Why Asking Stumbleupon To Remove Your Links Is Dumb

Pinterest is now one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, and it's still growing. So it's time to look at The Ten Commandments Of Pinterest by @seocom

Digital expert Chris Brogan looks at what's being shared on social media in Honey Badger Don’t Care (What You Want to Market) by @chrisbrogan

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