Good Eggs: Wordtracker's weekly SEO round-up (Week ending March 7th, 2013)

Posted by Julie McNamee on 5 Mar, 2013
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Good Eggs: Wordtracker's weekly SEO round-up from Wordtracker, the leading keyword research tool

The latest in our round-up of favorite articles includes sexism in the world of tech, the importance of having a coherent social media strategy and the art of SEO.

Good egg

It seems that Google aren't shy of buying adverts to promote themselves even when they're penalizing companies like Interflora for doing exactly the same thing. Read Don't Buy Link Rich Advertorials Unless you're Google by @Aaron Wall

Who knew there was artistry in SEO? This is a beautiful post by @devsaro The Poetry of SEO

Sexism in the tech industry and at conferences has been addressed in quite a few blog posts over the past week or so and more than a few even more interesting comments on them. Here are a couple of examples: Sexism in Tech: We're Not Making it Up by @LisaBarone

Women Are The Building Blocks Of The SEO Industry by @rustybrick

Measure how well your link building campaigns doing by following this detailed guide by @Koozai_Anna Measuring Your Link Building with Google Analytics

Companies are using creative domain names (top level domains) to distinguish themselves in a crowded playing field, but Matt Cutts of Google voices some concerns over the difficulties that this can cause for the searcher: If I use a ccTLD, can I indicate my geographic location is not in that country?

For many people, gaining followers on Twitter, Facebook and the like is a numbers game. But there has to be a well though out strategy behind your social media campaigns, says @JenniferCario in Are Your Supposed Social Media Goals Distracting You?

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