Stuff we like - 29th August 2013

Posted by Mal Darwen on 28 Aug, 2013
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Read the roundup of stuf we like in the Wordtracker office - news, blogs, apps, resources - find out what we like on the Internet.

Welcome to our weekly feature Stuff we like. Read about the trending stories and latest cool resources that rock the world of the Wordtracker team.

This week we've been looking around at some apps and blogs that have been entertaining or informing us, and this week's favorite app (in fact, it's a firm favorite at Wordtracker) is Evernote. In their words, you can capture everything, access it anywhere, and find things fast. It's a fantastic way to keep hold of your notes, remember web pages or images - check it out, it can change the way you bookmark the web.

We mentioned last week that Facebook has been hacked - and now we find out that the people who don't need to hack Facebook are our governments, for whom Facebook have complied with 79% of requests for information on users in the first half of 2013.

Stories about smartwatches come and come - there are lots of opinions about how great (or otherwise) they are. Oliver Brooks jumps into the 'bubble or brilliance' discussion over at

I quite enjoy the Bing/Google Google/Bing debates that pop up from time to time - and Bing look like they're squaring up to Google with claims of better image search results - they give seven reasons why they think their image search is better (but as Barry Schwarz points out, Google could quite possibly counter with a different seven reasons why their image search is better...)

Finally, there's a fantastic story over at Search Engine Watch explaining why 10-year-old Zia Terry would make a better SEO than you. A prime example of risk taking and fighting the fear of failure. We can all take from this example.

See you next week!

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