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Posted by Justin Deaville on 8 Jun, 2012
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Servers available - Wordtracker's donating servers that we no longer use. We'd like to find an open source or community project that would benefit

Wordtracker has always been a consumer of open source projects. We have contributed back whenever the opportunity presented itself. We have some servers that we're no longer using and we'd like to donate them to a suitable project.

Last year we donated two servers to the Jenkins Project ( ) in the US and this year we have a few machines we would like to contribute to open source projects ( or community interest efforts ) in the London (England) area.

While these machines are not the latest servers, they are very usable machines that we ran our entire development and admin infrastructure on till a few months back. We have six servers in all, rack mountable, with their rails and fully functional with HVM capable cpus.

If you represent or contribute to a project that could benefit from these machines, please get in touch with Karanbir Singh and we will try and help.

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