Industry News, 15th August 2013

Posted by Hal MacDermot on 15 Aug, 2013
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Welcome to our weekly industry news round-up for August 15, 2013

Our summary this week includes the July figures on search engine market share (Bing and Yahoo vs. Google), a short history of the social media in Space, and a must-read annual report from Moz, on local search ranking factors 2013. Read on.

This week, comScore released the July 2013 figures for US search engine market share data. Google’s up a tad, Bing stays level, the other guys are down just a touch:

It’s time to catch up on the impact of Carousel and the all the latest trends in mobile search. David Mihm of Moz released his much anticipated and excellent annual report on local search ranking factors:

In surprising but not surprising news, Blackberry has announced it is considering partnership opportunities, joint ventures, or even sale of the company. Seems like the Blackberry 10 OS didn’t quite make the splash it needed to:

What does the future look like? Google Glasses is going Back to the Future with a new Space Invaders game called Psyclops, developed by the talented Mr. Sean McCracken:

On a final and musical note, Mashable has put together a fun history of astronauts’ social media usage in space. LOL. TTYS.

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