New languages now live in Wordtracker's Keyword Tool

Posted by Mal Darwen on 13 Aug, 2013
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Wordtracker is proud to announce the launch of twelve new territories and languages in the Keyword Tool - check it out today!

For years, our customers have been asking us for keywords from different territories, and in different languages. We're delighted to be able to let you know that we've started on this - and the data is live in the tool.

We're getting excited now. Remember when we were talking about our huge new data source, the one from a major search engine advertising network that gave us 3.5 billion searches? The one we plugged into The one with monthly rather than yearly search figures? Yeah, that one.

So what can I do with this data now?

We've managed to extend the usability of this keyword data source to great effect. Rather than just giving you keywords from the US and UK, we can now give you global search figures - so you can see search volumes for the whole world rather than just from those two territories - so by making comparisons with figures from a single territory, you can find out if there may be opportunities outside of that area that you can start to target.

So what, I hear you say... what use is that? If I can only see keywords from two countries, what's the use of finding out there's more when I can't see it? Meh.

Well, to help with this, we're now able to show data from fourteen countries - so in addition to the US and UK, we're now offering data from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia (yes, really), Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands and Turkey. You can find keywords in the languages that people in those territories are using - so your opportunity to target your pages to those countries in a really focused way just got easier.

With the 'Global' option, that's up to fifteen different views on the same keyword - and with keywords in native languages available as well, we're not restricting Wordtracker to a single language any more. We'll be extending the amount of territories (and as a consequence, languages) in the next few weeks, which is going to make Wordtracker more flexible than ever before.

This is a breakthrough that we've been hoping to make for many years, and we're very happy to be able to bring it to you.

If you haven't already had a look at the Keyword Tool, then do check it out. In Turkish, if you like. Or German. French? Italian? Austrian keywords, anyone?

Go for it.

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