What's new in Wordtracker's Keywords tool

Posted by Mal Darwen on 16 Mar, 2012
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The Keywords tool has had another update - we've launched some new features, and we've got some great stuff coming. Click through to read about them.

We've been working hard at Wordtracker to produce the best toolset we can for anyone doing keyword research - as well as taking the SEO process beyond just the research. We've not finished yet, but we're on the way ...

The first version of our new Keywords tool was released in January, and since then there have been significant upgrades and improvements made. Wordtracker's development team work in an agile manner, which means that developments take place in fortnightly 'chunks' - this helps to keep track of the way the tools are developing, really closely. We launched a couple of new features this week, which include:

Improved reporting on our Ranking tool

You can track the progress of individual keywords

summary of pages on Google

keywords tracking graph

As well as seeing how many pages are ranking for your keywords on each page of Google, you can now track the progress of up to five individual keywords in your report - just use the open the 'keyword progress' view and use the checkboxes in your keyword list to choose which keywords you want to see the progress for.

More keyword flexibility

You can now delete keywords from a niche, or even move them to a different niche

selecting keywords

One of the pieces of feedback we received from a number of users was that they wanted to be able to permanently remove certain keywords from their lists - so this is now easy, and moving keywords between niches if you feel they have more relevance to a different niche is a simple task.

moving keywords

Flat overview of Keyword Niches

You get a clear view of all the top-level data for all of the Niches in a single project

You can get to the flat view using the button to the top right of the Keyword Map:

flat niche view

That button outlined in red takes us to the flat view, where we can see all of our niches laid out like this:

flat niche view

This is the first version of the flat view, and we're scurrying around in the background to make it easier to find all your headline information - the overall size of the niche, your target keywords and their search volumes, as well as page information that you set up like your titles and descriptions.

We've also done some work on smoothing out our interface so that it's cleaner and easier to work with - small things like better styled forms and menus - we like things to be a bit easier on the eye ...

What's coming next?

While we have a fully functional Keywords tool and a ranking tool that works well, we're not finished yet. As well as working on a new dashboard to bring campaign data to an easy to read central point, we're developing a site audit tool to point out common mistakes on your website.

Don't take it personally, everybody makes mistakes. Some common errors can interfere with the effectiveness of your SEO, and we'll be able to point you to these so that you can work towards having a properly optimized website that search engine spiders will crawl through and understand - and if the spiders can properly understand your site, you stand a better chance of ranking for the terms you're targeting.

Let us know if there are other features you'd like to see, or how you feel about the updates we've made so far - that's what the comments section is for. We'd love to hear what you think.

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