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Posted by Mal Darwen on 15 Mar, 2011
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Wordtracker is offering more keywords by doubling the amount of results you can get from a search to up to 2000 keywords

If you've been working with Wordtracker for any amount of time, you'll have noticed that you can get up to 1000 keywords from any seed word when you search our database of around half a billion searches. There's pretty good access to the long tail of search there, and you can get fantastic insight into what people are actually putting into those search bars when they're looking for products, information or advice.

For the past few months, we've also been giving up to 200 keywords from the Google AdWords API so that you can compare results from different sources. Sometimes the numbers can be a bit confusing, but what we tend to say to our customers is that it's better to look at the relationships between the numbers than the numbers themselves.

Bigger lists, longer tails

As of this week, we're going to give you more keywords to assess - if you're searching Wordtracker data, you'll get up to 2000 results (that's up to double the keywords) from each search. We're not just stopping there, though. If you're searching the Google AdWords API data, you'll now get up to 300 keywords back rather than 200 (assuming, of course, that Google's API produces that many keywords for a search).

Moving on

We're going to be continuing to develop all of our tools - Link Builder and Strategizer are both proving themselves, and we'll be launching a PPC Campaign Building tool in a while (it's looking really good ...), and as part of this process the Keywords tool is going to be spruced up as well. If there's anything you'd like to see (we can't make promises but we'll consider any requests you want to share with us) just drop us a line at the usual address - - it'll be good to hear from you.

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