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Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 18 Jun, 2014
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Weight loss Pinners, your World Cup daily fix & an app that will be your new bestfriend

Pinterest announced they would be rolling out guided search last week on their blog. They previously did the same for their mobile app back in April. So what's new? They stated:

“Now when you search for something, descriptive guides will help you sift through all the good ideas from other Pinners”

“ Along with the visual guides, you’ll notice that the search bar is now front and center for speedier finds. We also made it easier to filter your search by Pins, boards or other Pinners who you might be looking for.”

Check out their #PinTip YouTube video on how to use their guided search. 

Too bad the excitement around this new feature quickly fizzled out, with the unfortunate weight-loss spam attack earlier this week. Yesterday, Sky News reported the incident, stating large numbers of accounts posted “announcements” of their weight-loss and the spamming even continued onto Twitter.

Pinterest said the security of its Pinners was its "top priority".

A spokesman said:

"We were alerted to some instances of spam and responded by immediately placing impacted accounts in safe mode, and reaching out to Pinners as we solved the issue."

"We're constantly working on ways to keep Pinners safe through reative and proactive steps, as well as educating them on the importance of using complex and unique passwords."

Oh dear. Watch out for any spamming content and If your account was hit, expect one of these:

Matt Cutts showed his sense of humour by uploading a video about the biggest SEO mistake. His light hearted video definitely went down well with users and also reminded people the obvious! Take a look and let us know what you think of the funny Matt.  

Of course I have to mention the World Cup. We’re definitely well into hearing “Did you watch the game last night?” on the underground, whilst reading the Metro (London's free morning newspaper), which is filled with updates - followed up by a lot of umms and ahhs at the office and even via work emails. If you haven’t been kept up to date with what's going on, then you can get a summary fix from Chris Taylor over at Mashable

App of the week is one for our North American friends - Handybook. You need this app in your life and when you do get it, you need to let us know how beneficial it’s been at booking last minute home service. The Handybook app covers 20 cities across the States, giving you trusted professionals and with next-day availability. Appointments are 7 days a week - from 7am to 10pm. Plus 24 hour customer service and a money-back guarantee. Sounds like a luxury! Let us know your thoughts and whether Handybook has cut your stress and time spent on searching for a local plumber! 

App reviewer:

Great app - super easy booking flow      

“The app has a great interface. Makes it really easy to book a cleaner, handyman, plumber or electrician for the first time, and to manage existing bookings.” 

Have a great week!

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