Small business gets link from the New York Times

Posted by Wordtracker on 15 Jan, 2011
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Public Relations can offer small businesses a great way to get publicity and links.

Many small businesses I talk to find it hard to believe that large media might be interested in them.They think they're not be doing anything particularly innovative or unusual and therefore can't get the attention of the press. But they'd be wrong.

Journalists, writers and bloggers will write about businesses of all kinds - small businesses are inherently interesting to journalists because of the people involved and the challenges they have to overcome.

And now many published stories also carry a link to the business being featured. That's great for SEO, but more importantly it will bring a lot of visitors to a site.

I'm drinking a coffee this Saturday morning before heading off to my regular banjo lesson, so a story about a small banjo maker, First Quality Music in the NY Times caught my eye.

Many people dream of setting up their businesses and they'll gobble up stories that tell the reality of small business. They want to know how other people took the step to set up in business and most importantly how they are doing.

I think such small business stories inspire others to get started - and that's a wonderful thing.

Of course, it's not always pretty and the family owners of 9-person First Quality Music are struggling and have some difficult decisions to make.

You can read their story in Tough Options for Family Business in a Tailspin.

Good luck to them and I hope the publicity they've won for themselves helps turn things around.

You can find out more about how to get media coverage in my article 10 reasons why journalists will write about your website.

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