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Posted by Ken McGaffin on 22 Jun, 2011
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Wordtracker's made a significant upgrade to our Link Builder app



Following a full review of the Link Builder tool by SEOs and link builders in the field, we’ve made some significant improvements to the tool – and we’re planning many more.

From tomorrow, you’ll see the new version when you log in. All your existing campaigns will be saved for you in ‘My Campaigns’

Here are the major changes you’ll see:

  1. The tool focuses on giving you link prospects as quickly as possible. One click is all you need to generate thousands of link prospects.
  2. The prospects will already have been categorized for you into different strategies – blogs, news media, social media, job sites, directories, shopping sites, trusted sites and more.
  3. We’ve introduced a ‘fresh index’ where all the links will have been verified in the last 30 days – that means that dead links will disappear almost completely (one of the biggest problems we’ve had). You’ll also be able to query the ‘historic index’ where you’ll find many more link prospects that have been verified in the last three months.
  4. We’ve improved the collection of ‘Contact us’ and ‘About us’ data so that you can quickly find out about and contact prospects you’re interested in.
  5. We’ve introduced a tagging system so that you can identify and save link prospects that you might use over and over again – for example, mommy bloggers, environmental sites and so on.
  6. We’ve put a lot of work into the user interface so that the tool is more intuitive and easy to use.

In the pipeline, we’ll be working on:

  • Lots of help and advice on approaching link prospects and strategies for making your link requests irresistible.
  • Providing reporting information so that you can create attractive reports on your own sites, your clients' sites and your competitors'.
  • Developing a monitoring system so that we can automatically update you when new links appear.

If you’ve got ideas for features and improvements you’d like to see in Link Builder, please let us know below and we’ll look carefully at them.

Try out the Link Builder tool free for seven days to see how these changes will help you find those all-important prospects for your link building campaigns.

Edit - the Wordtracker Link Builder tool is no longer available however you're welcome to check out the Link Prospector tool by Citation Labs here.

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